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Evolving Health on Android: Migrating from Google Fit APIs to Android Health

Google intends to move everyone from using Google Fit as platform health and fitness integration to using Health Connect.


This means if you want to develop a fitness app or have an existing fitness app then you have to hire app development solutions company immediately for android app development USA in Health and Fitness sector. 


Since the launch of Health Connect in 2022, Google has been winding down the Google Fit developer APIs. In May'24 the company fully detailed how the “Google Fit APIs have been deprecated and will be supported until June 30, 2025.”


A deprecation is an early warning for the removal of a feature.


As a result of technological advancements, the company announce that Google Fit developer services will be transitioning to become a core part of the Android Health platform. This change will allow Google to better serve developers and users, providing a seamless experience across the platform.


What does this mean to the Android App development USA company?


The Android Health API offerings have moved to an on-device model, so there will not be an alternative to the Fit REST API. Where possible Fit REST API users should migrate to Android Health APIs.


Now that this API is being migrated to Android health you will be on the lookout to hire Android app development Company.


If you’re a fitness app developer, what this means for you is that now you have to use the Health Connect platform to store and sync your app data instead of using local storage. There are standardized data types, and since all apps will be doing I/O on the health connect platform, you can get access to data from other apps as well, and use it to create better plans. Permissions are also simplified, and it’s much easier to get started.


If you are into building innovative experiences with Android Health products, you will be required to hire app development solutions provider so you can provide a thriving ecosystem of health and fitness apps that empower users to take control of their wellbeing.


It’s important to note that Health Connect will become part of Android 14 as an Android system app, so switching to the platform is essential if you’re a health Android app development USA Company. 


How Health Connect going to help developers?


  • Health Connect offers wide range of methods to read and write health and fitness data through its API.
  • Health Connect works with Android devices that have an OS version of 28 (Pie) or higher. 
  • Health Connect is secure and developer will need to request for permission in order to access the health and fitness data from the user for each specific app.


In this day and age, health and fitness are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With the rise of wearable technologies and mobile apps designed to track your every move, it can be difficult to keep all your health data in one place. That’s where health connect comes in and the need to hire app development solutions company. 


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